Wonderful Gesture Of The Woman Who Gives Her Coat To The Dog To Stay Warm Outside

“I noticed two or three other individuals go by and comment on how lovely and warm he was.”

Kristina Hollie and another person she worked with were waiting for the bus. There, a lady with an adorable puppy approached the post office.

The lady could not take the dog inside and tied it to a tree. The other action would leave everyone speechless and affected.

“It was quite chilly and windy outside,” Hollie said. “I saw he was clearly trembling. She certainly saw because she removed her jacket and covered the dog as he sat. Perhaps she believed he’d kick it off, so she knelt and zipped it up around him!”

The puppy was sitting very still while his mother fastened the chain. The woman wanted to take the dog inside with her, but she couldn’t, so she decided to give him the sweater to stay warm.

“I told her that what she did was really lovely and caring as soon as she stood up and walked by me,” Hollie added. “She just said, ‘Thank you!’” ‘I don’t want him chilly!’”

People passing by looked curiously at the dog and his jacket. They just took pictures all the time.

“I observed two or three other people pass by him and comment on how lovely and toasty he looked,” Hollie added.

The bus came and Hollie took one last look at the puppy with the jacket that her mother had taken off herself just to keep him warm.







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