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Woman Loses 143 Pounds, Removes Diabetes And High Blood Pressure: Experts Speak

The woman managed to lose her type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure after losing 143 pounds.

Lisa Dove from Chicago has lost 143 pounds since January 2021. Her family was very fit but Lisa reveals that she started gaining weight the moment she gave birth to her two children. In addition to that was the upbringing of the children, the stress she went through, and the pandemic that isolated her inside. From this situation, she gained 297 pounds.

Lisa says that to relieve the stress she always eats. She eats when was sad. Eats when feels happy. She says she tried many ways to lose weight but did not succeed until was introduced to the Weight Watchers app.

The reason she liked this site was that it told stories of real people. There were neither models nor body models on the beach. This was the moment when she took the decision.

Initially, she changed her diet by eating small portions and walking regularly. With this regimen, she had lost 50 kilograms.

She later joined the gym where she started working with a personal trainer. As soon as she started looking at the results, Lisa became even more motivated. The family fully supported her.

In addition to no changes in appearance, Lisa noticed changes in her health too. She had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. After losing weight, diabetes went away and blood pressure dropped.

She was no longer taking medication. This was also the reason why her stomach problems improved. She feels good now.

According to doctors, even if you lose 10 pounds, you can lower your blood pressure. If weight is reduced and inflammation is reduced, then endothelial function or vascular function is improved.

By exercising, you can increase muscle cells to use glucose and insulin more efficiently. Diets that are more plant-based with lean meats and fish occasionally have been shown to reduce blood pressure and diabetes.

More than 37 million Americans have diabetes and among them, 90-95% have type 2 diabetes, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is important to reduce the number of meals and not consume them at all.

Its planning and progress are slow, Dove said. Meal after meal, not day after day. 

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