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What Were The Reasons For The Murder Of 12 YO Boy? What Happened To The Killers?

Lovers of 12-year-old David Mack who was found dead in a park in southwest Atalanta say he left to meet a friend. The next day he was found dead in the neighborhood with his face down.

The experts concluded that someone had beaten him and then shot him six times.

His family plans to honor his memory by finding the real killers today a year after his death. They have not been found yet. There are no suspects in the incident.

Atalanta police have offered a $ 10,000 reward in the case, to help catch police Mack’s killer.

If you have information call 404-577-8477. You can leave tips anonymously and qualify for the reward.

Let’s share this post as much as we can to find some information about the killers.

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