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What Was The Problem That Made The Young Doctor Sue The Bank?

Dr. Mitchell-Stewart from Huston has accused JPMorgan Chase Bank of discrimination. Valley Oaks Medical Group hired her right after the specialization. After she finished her first working month she was very happy because they gave her a check for $ 16,780.16.

However when she went to convert the check and withdraw the money a bank in Sugar Land did not give her the money. The reason will surprise you.

The bank employees accused the doctor of fraud and that the check was not hers, questioning her employment as a doctor. The prejudice she faced was strong because according to them it was not possible for a black person to be a doctor and to deposit such a large amount of money in a neighborhood where wealthy people were generally white. It all just happened because of her skin color.

This moment was very humiliating and made her feel like a criminal. The rude behavior continued even after the hospital confirmed the doctor’s credentials. All of this led to the bank being sued.

The lawyer of the case Justin Moore says that all this situation shows once again the discrimination that banks continue to make even today against black customers. We should all be inspired by her determination and willingness to fight against discrimination.

The case is not closed yet.

 What do you think about this case? Have you ever encountered discrimination in any of the listed banks? Share your experiences with us in the comments below on Facebook.

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