How Officer Convinced Kevin Berthia Not To Jump Off The Bridge. Their Meeting After 10 Years.(Extended)

10 years ago Kevin Berthia was desperate. He had a daughter who gave birth prematurely and had to undergo surgery that cost $ 250,000. He did not know how to deal with it.

He fell into depression and approached the Golden Gate Bridge. From that moment he had not gone near the bridge and did not even know how to get there.

California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Briggs was there that day, too. He saw Kevin and for a second he was no longer there. He had crossed to the other side of the railing and was just standing there.

Briggs approached him and talked together for 92 minutes about everything that was happening. He told him that despite everything his daughter’s first birthday would be in a few months and he had to live for her. Kevin was convinced and after they sent him to the hospital they never saw each other again.

For 8 years Kevin no longer thought about the situation he was in, neither did Briggs. Until one day Kevin’s mother wrote to him.

When they reunited they seemed like old friends they had known for a long time. The two had gone through things close to each other in life but Kevin is grateful that thanks to the officer he managed to watch his daughter grow up.

Their lives were so closely intertwined that those 92 minutes served to become lifelong friends. Good words and good people can change everything!






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