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Have You Ever Seen A Marriage In Zoom? You Will Get Surprized.

Quarantine has caused many couples to test their relationship, some others to separate, and another part to not be able to get married. Some have postponed weddings, while others have adapted to the situation. Couples have started getting married virtually, through Zoom!

Once New York announced the legalization of marriage through videos, Sayaka Fukuda and James Storr Brown were the first couples to decide to take advantage of the law.

What was it like to get married in Zoom?

The couple said the typical vows as they stood in the salon, in the presence of the town hall representative and many friends attending the ceremony from their homes.

“Our family is scattered in Japan, England, the USA, and Italy. I called everyone and told them I would get married in a few hours. We had about 30-40 guests.”

How did the guests dress ?!

With shirt and pajama pants down, while the bride in a plain white dress. Made fun after the ceremony and of course remote photos through Zoom!

The couple said the ceremony turned out better than they had anticipated, but it was sad to have their people so far away on a day like this. For them as well as for many other couples, quarantine has been a strong test!

“If you manage to live all day stuck with your partner in the apartment, you win!”

April and May are usually the busiest months for New York wedding events, but the situation there has made them all suspended.

What do you think about this marriage? Do you think it is a strange thing or a common thing nowadays? Share with us your opinion on the comments on Facebook.

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