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Stranger Rescues Mother Of Four Children And Her 4-Year-Old Son From Fire

We have always been taught that every time we see a house on fire we call the fire department and do not run there. But this was not the case with Ryan Pasborg.

Pasborg one day was on his way to work in Green River Wyoming on Tuesday morning when he spotted smoke in the distance. The closer he got, the more he smelled the smoke. He saw a house that had caught fire and three children running out of it.

As soon as they saw Pasborg children ran towards him to tell him that their mother was inside with their little brother.

Without thinking twice the boy ran to enter the house from the garage. He crawled with his hands and feet and managed to find the little 4-year-old boy and take him out of the house. Meanwhile, he took the children and secured them inside his car.

Then he went inside home again to look for their mother.

Pasborg found her inside the house. She was burnt and had a lot of difficulty breathing. He pulled her out but she was unconscious and was not breathing. He quickly gave her the first aid that saved her life.

The good man took the children and their mother to the hospital where the ambulance was waiting for them.

If it had not been for Pasborg it was not known how the fate of this family would have gone. Even police officer Jason Mower says that in 15 years of work he had never seen a stranger face death for someone he did not know.

But the young man did not leave her alone. He also helped with clothes and food for the family left in the middle of the road. The mother had multiple burns and stayed in the hospital for a long time. The 4-year-old recovered quickly.

A true hero Pasborg. But would you risk your life for people you do not know? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook.

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