Puppy Is Adopted By Owner Of A Bar, Every Day He Sits And Makes Customers Happy

   Corchito is a puppy who was adopted by Camila, the owner of a cafeteria. Customers who had a bad day will have the best companion. Bored people sometimes don’t want to talk and their best friend would be a puppy.

 Crochito almost always understands when someone is sad and needs support. His joyful presence makes people feel better. The client and the puppy create a very strong bond together.

Camilla Gllando has a Restobar called Dickens. When there was no Corchito, her days in the cafe were ordinary. The puppy came to stay in the cafe on a rainy day and immediately Camilla fell in love.

What Camilla didn’t know was the attention this puppy would get with his behavior. Everyone was surprised when a person entered the cafe bored and sat alone at the table.

Crochito approached you and sat down in the chair in front of you. One would think that he is looking for food, but in fact, he just sits and listens attentively to what is said to him.

Crochito loves everyone but has a weakness for the elderly, especially when they are alone. Camilla doesn’t only take care of her, but also of other puppies who don’t have a place to spend the night.

In addition to people, he also helps animals by offering them the missing support and love.







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