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Prayer For Black Women Now And Forever

This is a poem to remind everyone of the greatness of black women.

I pray that the weights on Black women’s plates are lightened.

That instead, our cups are filled to the brim with all of the joy and peace that our mere existence deserves.

I pray that our arms raise the music of our hips, the metronome of our feet, the scores of our hums.

That our laughs and snaps fuel the drumming of our hearts

I pray that we feel no need for the validation of those who are not our own.

That we are constantly reminded of the prophetic nature of our minds. 

I pray that we Black women feel at home in our celebrations of our majesty. 

That the love we offer ourselves and the world is shone back onto us by the sun and the moon, and poured back into us by the hands we hold. 

I pray that Black women, in this week and in this lifetime, grant ourselves permission to settle into our own expansiveness.

That we bestow upon ourselves the key that only we have held through time. 

I pray most of all that we find peace in our breath. And power in our declarations

This is one of the most powerful poems for black women. Each of us must be aware of its importance. Self-esteem is what every woman needs to move forward in life

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