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Police Officer Is Shot 6 Times When He Tried To Arrest A Gang Member

On Monday, a police officer was shot while trying to arrest a member of a gang, causing the officer to receive serious injuries.

According to witnesses, 22-year-old Christian Eppinger allegedly shot the Atlanta officer, David Rodgers, four times in his right shoulder, once in his knee, and once to the back of his head.

He is now in a hospital out of danger but in a long state of recovery.

During an operation, some camouflaged police officers sought the help of a police patrol for a robbery that would occur in those moments by Eppinger. The patrol approached you and asked him to raise his hands and lie on the ground. Actions were not taken.

At that moment Eppinger approached Rodgers very close. He pulled out his weapon and struck it 6 times. Four times in his right shoulder, once in his knee, and once to the backside of his head.

At that moment a detective shot at him. He tried to run away to an apartment block where he also hid. It took the intervention of other detectives to arrest and prosecute charges such as attempted murder and criminal street gang activity charges.

On Tuesday he appeared before the court where he denied the charges against him. According to witnesses, the last theft he committed was with a person who was shooting a music video where he took a Rolex watch, iPhone, Gucci wallet, and diamond earrings, then later posted about it on social media.

Following the shooting of the officer Young Slime Life members of the group where he participates were “observed on social media bragging about a police officer being shot on ‘Cleveland Avenue’ and giving recognition and gratitude to Mr. Eppinger for his actions.”

The Atlanta Police Department thanks who have kept Officer David Rodgers in mind during this difficult time. Officer Rodgers, his family, and The Atlanta Police Department are thankful for the thoughts and prayers that you all have provided, and we hope that these good wishes aid him in his recovery, “the department said in a statement.

Let us also send in our prayers for the speedy recovery of the officer and his return to the family.

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