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Mike Tyson Confessions: Growing Marijuana, Sexual Abuse, And Prison.

Mike Tyson is known for his career as a boxer where we count his many achievements as a monstrous heavyweight, a world champion, and a knockout expert. In addition to these, he had a dark side of his life that some do not know like:  prison, drugs, sex, rape, everything you can think Tyson has done.

Tyson grew up in one of New York’s poorest neighborhoods where the crime was ubiquitous. “My childhood was like that of anyone born in a poor black neighborhood in America. We had no money and we had no hope, I was arrested many times, I was involved in violence, drugs, and alcohol, I used to be in gangs, I used to have guns, shoot people, get shot at and all that “Tyson told.

Tyson, although difficult to admit, was a victim of sexual abuse in his childhood. This is because it seems like this part lowers his manhood.

One addiction he would have throughout his career was from drugs and sex. He said he took cocaine before fighting Danny Williams in 2004.

Another addiction was sex, where due to fame and money he had it easy to fulfill as a need. He even admits that in a nightclub he had a prostitute as e girlfriend. Expenditures, orgies were numerous. “Giving people money like f *** everybody, party with everybody and f *** their mothers, their sisters and their cousins ​​… orgies. I was crazy.”

In 1992 he was sentenced to six years in prison and paid $ 30,000 in compensation for the rape of 18-year-old Desire Washington. After three years in prison, he was released for good behavior.

Being in prison did not stop Tyson from fulfilling his sexual desires. He even said that there are as many sexual relations as it were when he was free. It would be good for him if he stayed in the cell all day.

Mike has also recently admitted that he has spent so much on marijuana that he is considering opening a farm of his own in California where it is legal. “I do not think it will have any negative effects, maybe you’ll go to sleep instead of going to a business meeting, or something like that. But beyond going to sleep, I do not see any other negative aspects,” says Mike.

Additionally, he battled drug addiction and faced financial problems after squandering the multi-million dollar fortune he had amassed. Tyson’s professional career ended in 2005 when he quit during the middle of the boxing fight against Kevin McBride.

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