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Man Donates Kidney To Girlfriend’s Mother, Suddenly She Marries Another One Month After Surgery

Finding a kidney nowadays is very difficult but Uziel Martínez did not think twice before doing this for his girlfriend’s mother. What would happen to him later would be unexpected for him and would fall like a bomb.

Martinez has started making a series of videos on TikTok where he has explained the whole course of the event and how his girlfriend left him a month after the operation.

In his videos, he states that he did not think twice when he made the decision. Thought to make a simple video but did not think it would go viral. His followers jokingly tell him to think twice before doing it again. Martinez jokes that he now has only one kidney for himself and can not give it to anyone.

Regarding the relationship with his ex-girlfriend, he says that they continue to be friends and have not separated with hate for each other. He does not give details about the relationship as it has been before. This is likely to continue to keep people curious to follow him.

What do you think? Would you have done such a thing for your girlfriend’s mother? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook.

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