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Kanye-Kim Drama: From Accusations Against Pete To Cars With Roses For Kim

God knows what is going on with Kanye West, but quite clearly his goal is: To be back with Kim Kardashian again! Through an Instagram post posted yesterday, Ye showed a mini-truck full of red roses going for the ex-wife, despite being separated for almost 1 year. “My vision is crystal clear!” Writes the rapper who lately is not trying to keep things private at all.

The post was dedicated to Kim, as Tag’s name was hers. Kim has not made any comment about the gift, but what is officially known is that Kanye and Julia Fox ended the romance.

“Julia and Kanye will remain good friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together. He will be back with Kim.”

On the other hand, the rapper has publicly declared “war” on Pete Davidson, for whom he does not spare the accusations and threats. 

Recently, West has expressed that “his family was destroyed by him” and has published a private message from Pete, who peacefully claimed to maintain a correct relationship with both parties, including the children of the former couple.

“You’ll never meet my kids,” writes Kanye, who thinks the comedian is with Kim just because Kanye allowed it to happen.

“I love my family and I know I’ll be back with them. We have a public relationship because we’re famous people. The media sometimes calls me crazy, but that’s when you’re in love, you’re crazy about something. I’m crazy. “I’m crazy about my family.”

Kim does not seem to be in line at all with her ex-husband, whom she simply asks to co-parent healthily.

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