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I Introduce You To Melanesian, Black People With Natural Blonde Hair

This is the moment when the expression “You’re too dark to wear blonde hair!” is inappropriate.

Usually, black people are judged for their skin color and deprived of many things. One of them is dying blonde hair.

This prejudice is not only found in white people but also within the community. The most used words are “ratchet” or “ghetto”.

But why this differentiation? Why can’t we dye blonde hair too? It is a community that rejects this hypothesis.

They are Melanesian. Black people with naturally blonde hair.

Living in the Pacific islands of Melanesia, the Melanesians have dark skin, large features, and originated from Africa. They are undeniable, black.

The question that naturally arises is: Where do these blonde hair come from? The answer is simple. From genetics

But only 2% of people worldwide have blonde hair. All other children over time blonde hair turn brown or just darkens more. This is not the case with Malaysians.

They have a different chromosome in their DNA that makes them have blonde hair. Wait a moment! 1 chromosome out of 3 billion we have made this change? It’s just extraordinary.

Melanesians typically live in homesteads and hamlets, as opposed to villages. Groups are up to 1000 people where they live close to each other not to get attacked by other tribes. Other members of the group stay in strategic locations to secure food and maintain the group safe.

Women in these groups play a very important role. They value women highly and give them crucial roles.

Let them (blonde hair haters) know that our people come in so many different colors, shapes, and backgrounds, and kinky hair comes in all colors. We can rock blonde hair, no matter which shade of brown we are, this is known very well!

Let’s share this post on Facebook as much as possible to show the world that black people can rock blonde hair too!

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