Human Gesture Of A Police Officer Is Occasionally Caught On Camera

On a typical day, this gesture probably would not have been noticed if it had not been captured in the photo by a passerby.

Janet Balestriero when she was crossing the road without a collision between three cars. The clash was very powerful but what caught my attention the most was something else.

On the street corner was a policeman sitting talking to a little boy. The boy’s family was involved in the accident. They were watching what had happened and could pass on the condition to the child. To avoid this the police took the child separately.

They started playing with a toy car with each other. The photo went viral and the chief commissioner of the branch expressed great pride in the gesture of his officer.

A single act of kindness can have a ripple effect. We have to see the kindness in the world. It is necessary to have more people with good hearts and who think of others.

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