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How Wordle Program Saved Woman From Being Kidnapped For Several Hours

A naked man crawled into the bed of an 80-year-old and held her hostage for 17 hours.

Denyse Holt was sleeping soundly in her home one Saturday night when suddenly a mentally ill person went to bed.

32-year-old James H. Davis III at the moment he broke the light to enter jumped and bled and entered Denyse’s bed holding a pair of scissors in his hand.

She says she was shocked and the only thing she wanted to do was survive. He told her it was not warm enough and wanted to take a shower together. He swore he did not want to hurt her.

After the shower, he dragged her around the house where he disconnected every phone and took all the knives that were in the kitchen. He put her in the basement and closed the door tightly with a chair.

 Meredith Holt-Caldwell her daughter worried mother was not answering calls as she did every day to help her with a word in Wordle. She informed the police where they also raided the house.

Davis was charged with home invasion with a dangerous weapon, aggravated kidnapping while armed with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated assault against a peace officer.

Wordle is the latest viral trend among English language puzzles on social media. Players have to guess the correct five-letter word in only six attempts, using only the letters on the board as hints.

Have you ever thought that such a thing could happen to you? Do you know the application in question? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below on Facebook.

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