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Grandmother Blames Herself For The Death Of Her 11 MO Granddaughter

Lisa Lipscomb’s devastating loss inspires fire prevention education.

On Thanksgiving Day when everyone gathers around the table with the turkey in front of a grandmother was mourning the death of her niece. The baby died from the fire.

Lisa Lipscomb, a 44-year-old language arts teacher for Detroit Public Schools, shared her sad experience with us, reminding us how important it is to protect ourselves from fire. But how could there be a fire in her house where part of the family members had given very long lectures on putting out the fire? That was ridiculous.

One night before Thanksgiving her 11-month-old granddaughter, Abreeona, the baby’s mother, Lisa Perkins, and their roommate died in a tragic house fire due to a cigarette.

Lisa was interested in the fire detectors in the house and they told her there were two. One in the bedroom and the other in the kitchen. One was functional and the other lacked batteries. This was a lie.

Lisa’s mission today is to make people aware of these detectors as often as possible so that the tragedy that happened to her does not happen to anyone else. Lipscomb made a note to herself: Get people to donate smoke detectors and nine-volt batteries.

Lisa would like to go back in time to test the detectors at her daughter’s house. This could have saved both their lives. It is so unfair for a small child to die without ever celebrating a birthday. 

Abreeona was destined to be an angel. She never cried and was a very happy child.

We send our prayers to Lisa and wish her wound a speedy recovery by giving warnings to save as many lives as possible. Lisa, we are with you!

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