Granddaughter Buys The House She Promised To Her Grandmother When She Was 8 YO

Janita Badon has a very strong bond with her grandmother. This bond was further strengthened when her father and paternal grandfather died 2 weeks apart. In that period she felt very bad.

One day she called her grandmother to tell her that she could not cope with this loss. Thinking even more she realized that maybe the pain that the grandmother felt was stronger than hers since they had spent 50 years married together.

Grandmother comforted her by telling her that God knows why he does his things. Janita remembers that her grandparents lived in a small house and that her parents and other relatives sent their children to them. Even though the house was small they never said no and when you will be back to get them.

Bandon recalled a promise made to his grandmother. Irma, the grandmother remembers her promise. Bandon contacted Anthony Levrets, the vice president of strategic development at Directors Mortgage, and her former football coach who reached out to a realtor named Jackie Haddon.

Baddon and Haddon immediately started working in search of the home. They wanted a good house and a neighborhood where Grandma Irmen could be received in the small community meetings that took place. They discovered the home in Glenfair. It was perfect. There was a bedroom that opened both doors at the same time and a small closet inside.

On Christmas morning Bandon called all the family. Nobody knew anything. Invited them to go to the house whose door was tied with a red ribbon.

Grandma Irma could not hold back her tears. She was happy for the education and support she had given to her granddaughter. She had learned the strength needed to move forward and what is most important is that the promises she gives to someone should always be kept.

The happiness of this family was achieved!

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