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Foster Mothers Who Offer Unconditional Love

My mother always loved me unconditionally. She taught me that motherhood is not taught in books. She taught every child she had in her care with love and calm. She never raised her voice. She always fed us with her potato salad, freshly baked cookies, and apple pie taken from the garden behind the house.

Mama anchored lives. With a smile, a good talking-to she let children know they were worthy and capable. These are the words of Jack, a child raised by mother Veda.

Veda Thompkins is in her 27th year at Foster Mothers. She has had so many children that today she can not count them. Has adopted 3 of them who are already adults. Veda dealt with problematic children. According to her, they just needed love and care more than others.

She was always used to having children around in her grandparents’ house. Her parents also took great care of foreign children. Veda points out that children are taught from an early age to steal.

Once one of them stole the jewelry and gave it to the biological mother to sell. According to her, this behavior and disrespect are learned from them. If we do not care to show what is right and what is wrong who else will do it?

Of all the children she took care of, only one ended up in prison.

Giving love costs us nothing. We must show the right path to children and become good people. The greatest thing you can do is invest in a child’s future. It’s up to us as Black people to take care of our children. Tender-loving care is the best solution for most of their problems.

Have you ever taken care of a child? Tell me your thoughts about these cases in the comments below on Facebook.

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