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Finally “Bubble Puppy” Can Live A Peacefully Life

Kathryn met Sally a baby puppy in a very bad condition. A person had given it to her because she couldn’t take care of it anymore.

Sally was paranoid and breathing hard. Her body had turned all blue.

Kathryn used a tube method that gave her oxygen the entire time. Due to the problems that the puppy had before, her lungs should be strengthened.

The vet took care of him for several weeks until the puppy received all the necessary oxygen through the tube. If you took her away for a while, she wouldn’t be able to survive.


Despite the difficulties, Sally wanted to be a puppy like everyone else. She frequently used her hands to demonstrate actions for her caregivers, such as kissing the bubble’s wall and peeping out.


Although there were limitations, Sally accompanied Kathryn so that she would not be confined between four walls by an oxygen tube.

Seeing the sad puppy, Kathryn decided to take her outside without her oxygen tube for a few minutes so that her body could get used to the change. This would also be good for her lungs.


This worked and Sally was able to get out for a few minutes. The vet had an idea that the length of the oxygen tube should be longer so that the puppy could move around the room and not just lie down.

Over time, Sally got better, but Kathryn was worried again. One day, he decided to bring her back to the room, but Sally left immediately.


Bonnie, one of her colleagues, realized that the puppy had no problems and that he was doing well. She became a new family and moved immediately.

Sally went for walks in the park, went to parties, and had her toys. She is now healthy and living in the real world. 


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