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Father Saves 18-MO Twin Girls From Fire. He suffered Many Burns

Ray Lucas and his girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown were for a few minutes at a gas station. The moment they were returning home they saw it had caught fire. What was even more horrifying was that inside were their two daughters Milan and Malaysia `18 months old.

Without thinking twice Ray ran to save his daughters. He entered without hesitation between the flames. From the smoke, he could not see anything. He remembered well the way to the girl’s room and with his eyes closed instinctively went towards them.

The quick thought of how to save the girls saved their lives. The girls suffered injuries. Malaysia had first-degree burns while Milan had trouble breathing from the smoke it had inhaled.

What was even sadder was that their house was destroyed and they had no other place to shelter. An account was opened at GoFundMe to help them because the fire took everything.

Ray can not return to work directly due to injuries received.

Please help us to Bless this young man, the babies, and their mother Shi’Ann so that they may secure a new home. Funds are also needed to go towards medical bills and expenses. The burns on Ray’s body are second and third degree. He was temporarily blind for three days and doctors said it was a miracle he could see.

The only thing we can wish the family is to return to normal as soon as possible. Our prayers go out today to you and your wonderful family. Be blessed!

Have you ever sacrificed for your children? What is the feeling you get from this story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below on Facebook.

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