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What made Denzel Washington Tha Surprized The Police

Denzel Washington thinks that all police officers should be respected. They do a daily job of protecting public peace and should not be bothered all the time with slogans like “Black Lives Matter” or “Defund the Police.”

He speaks out against people who denigrate the police figure. We must always think that they risk their lives to have a safer one. It is an injustice that they often face.

The actor was proud to have portrayed law enforcement in over a dozen movies, including a film titled The Little Things. To get as involved as possible in the role you had to spend a day with a police officer to see how he managed the situations he faced. I got a call about an elderly man standing outside his house with a rifle in his hand.

When we arrived at the destination, the police told me to stay in the car. Of course, I would not go out. The old man looked confused and suddenly a car with people came nearby shouting inside. The policeman kept calm and was trying to get the weapon from the man. He could also take his weapon and shoot people who were shouting inside the car. He could have saved his life because the man became even worse than we shouted. But he did not. Think of others and keep calm.

“The officer was able to defuse the situation without resorting to any violence,” Denzel said. He also tried to extinguish a conflict between a homeless Black man and two police officers by getting out of the car on his own and giving the homeless man a protective mask.

Denzel also says that he appreciates the work done by the police and even thinks that one day he will make a film for them to thank them for their commitment and that they take the risk of life at any moment.

What do you think about Denzel’s actions and words? Do you agree with him? Write us your opinions in the comments down below on Facebook.

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