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Boy With Special Needs Goes To His Mother’s Grave To Say “He Did It, He Graduated”

Graduating is one of the greatest things a person can do. We celebrate with everyone but mainly with the family. But for a young man from Lousiana named Paul Marshall Jr. was not the case.

He could not share this moment with his mother LaTanya Delphine Wilson Marshall because she died in 2010. But that did not stop him from going and telling his mother in the cemetery. He wanted to share this moment with her.

Graduation means a lot to a person. Whether graduating from high school or college, the important thing is that in the end you are rewarded for the effort and sacrifice that you made to get there. You share this achievement with the people who love you the most.

This is why it is difficult for you when at this moment you are not near these people, the people you love most. There are two reasons for their shortcomings. Either they are too far away or they are no longer in this world.

This was also the case of a teenager with special needs named Paul whose mother died in 2010 but this did not stop the boy from sharing this special moment with him. In the video below we feel very pleased that we have become part of this unique and beloved moment.

In the video, he appears well dressed, and with a bunch of flowers in his hand, he heads to his mother’s grave saying the words “Mommy, I have something to say, that I did it. I did it. I graduated today. And I know you’re so proud of me and happy. I love you so much. ”

Paul Jr., then places the flowers and kisses his fingers and places them on the grave. He feels very proud of himself. His mother would be very proud as well.

Congratulations from us on graduation. We wish you have more achievements in your life to make your mother even more proud of where she is.

Good luck Paul! We love you!

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