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Boy Stops Police Officer When Was Going At School To Ask Her To Pray With Him

One day a little boy on his way to school stopped the police officer for a very special reason, to pray with him. This moment was captured on camera and went viral.

For LMPD Officer Jan Dykes it seemed like it would be a normal day where he would face thieves and criminals while patrolling the streets. Then suddenly a little boy came up to her and made a special request.

When she saw that he was approaching she thought he was asking for help but it was the opposite. What he wanted was to offer the officer motivation and courage.

In the shared photo, the officer is seen sitting on her knees next to the little boy who is very affected. You will not believe what he asked.

The boy was praying for her. He had stopped her unexpectedly when asked her to pray for her to have a beautiful day, for himself at school as well. He was praying for her safety. This for Dykes was the most beautiful thing that had happened to her for a long time,

The boy also said “I hope your day goes great or hopefully you make other lives great” The positivity and the boy’s show left Dykes speechless.

Officer tried to find the boy’s identity but attempts were unsuccessful. Althoughshe could not find him, she wants him to know how much the prayer he said meant to her.

The boy set an example to be followed by all. God bless this child and the dedicated officers that have to face death every day.

Let’s share this post as much as possible to find the little boy who made gestures and gave us such a great love.

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