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Beethoven, The Greatest Musician Of All Time Was A……Black Man?

Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the greatest musicians of all time and no one can deny this. Yet his past remains undiscovered. In the portraits dedicated to him, he appears with blonde or brown hair and white skin. But how does the truth stand?

But in reality, Beethoven was labeled by many as a “Mulatto”, or “Black Spaniard”. But why? According to Gabriel Scott, his father was a white German and his mother was a “Moor”.

 “Moors” was used to refer to a group of Muslim Northern Africans. His closest people and those he associated with said that the color of his skin was black, black frizzy-wooly hair, a thick-wide nose, and a short neck.

According to Gabriel Scot, whenever Beethoven had to go public, he applied white powder to his face to hide the origin and color of his skin.

Despite all his talent can not be denied. At the age of 21, he went to Italy where he studied piano and gained a reputation as a good pianist. However, his hearing began to weaken until he became almost completely deaf.

During the last 15 years of his life, he composed and published many of his most beautiful works in classical music. His compositions include nine symphonies, many pieces of “occasional” music, seven concerts, as well as four shorter works that include soloists accompanied by an orchestra. His only opera was Fidelio.

But what is more interesting is the fact that the world knows him as a white man but the musician was ….. black.

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