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Barber Makes The Unimaginable For The Autistic Child

Haircuts for children can often be very difficult. Such is the case of 6-year-old Jackson who has autism.

During a long, difficult, and busy day, Erinna and her children arrive at the barbershop. After fatigue, it seems very difficult for Jackson to concentrate and the desire to cut his hair.

As soon as he got inside he was horrified. According to Erinnes Jackson is a very loving child who loves art very much. But to strangers, he does not show all this love. He was diagnosed with autism before he was 3 years old.

To make the process easier Erinna and the other 2-year-old boy went ahead to do a haircut. Jackson disobeyed until barber Ree came. He started behaving like his favorite Super Mario cartoon character. He won the boy’s trust.

For Erinn, this meant a lot. Erinna also set up a special GoFundMe to support Ree to make sure she’s able to continue to work and replace any lost income from the impact of the pandemic.

It is so difficult to take care of a child like him. Have you ever met or had an autistic child in your family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below on Facebook.

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