8 YO Dies Immediately As Returns From School. What Happened?

Amari Churchwell a cheerful child died in the arms of his father after returning from school. The family is shocked by this sudden loss.

On November 15, on a typical day like all the others, Amari went to school. The teacher called his father a few moments later to tell him that the boy was suddenly ill.

After he went to get the boy, he fainted in the arms of his father. His head fell from behind and your eyes rolled. Immediately the father realized that there was something wrong.

In the emergency room, the doctors noticed a tumor mass in the head that had started to bleed. Despite all the efforts of doctors and neurologists, the bleeding had already limited the activity of his brain and he could not survive.

He died on 16 November.

Doctors said that no operation could bring him back to life. The parents say that the boy was a very smart child and that he dreamed of becoming a doctor.

All classmates will always remember him as a happy child, full of life and very beautiful both inside and out.

Rest in peace Amari! We love you!

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