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10 Black Leaders Who Are Making History Today

Black Americans have always made a great contribution to America’s political, cultural, and economic development. The month of February was named Black Month to honor these people who made this contribution to this day. Below are 10 Black Americans who are strongly marking their name and serving as inspiration for the days ahead.

1. Kamala Harris is 56 years old. First Vice President of color

2. Rosalind Brewer, 58 CEO of a firm that costs 500.

3. Dr. Kizzmekia S. Corbett, 35 leaders of the group of doctors who developed the Modena vaccine.

4. Victor J. Glover, Jr., 44 The first man of color to stay at the International Space Station for a long time.

5. Raphael Warnock, 51, Georgia’s first Black senator

6. Rashida Jones, 39 president of the television news network

7. Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall, 61, first Black woman CEO in the NBA

8. Alicia Boler Davis, first Black woman advisor to Jeff Bezos.

9. Noah Harris, 21, first Black man president of Harvard for students.

10. Sydney Barber, 21, U.S. Naval Academy’s first Black female brigade commander

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