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10 Most Politically Meaningful Songs By Bob Marley 

When we mention Bob Marley’s name it is inevitable to think of his great songs most of which make sense even today even though 40 years have passed since his death.

 Below we list 10 of the current songs and nowadays from a political point of view.

10. War is a song that showed how racism was the cause of the many wars in Africa at the time

9. Concrete Jungle that could represent poverty and tension found in any ghetto.

8. Redemption Song where the main theme is the fight for freedom.

7. Africa Unite a song that would call for its countries to join forces in Pan-Africanism.

6. Revolution is a song about the revolution in thought and physics.

5. Rat Race accusing the CIA of operating in Jamaica.

4. Belly Full where he talks about the inequality between the very rich and the poor.

3. Get Up Stand Up that deals with the Rastafarian faith.

2. Zimbabwe is a song that speaks against colonization and the desire for freedom.

1. Ambush In The Night where he predicts his death and does not blame anyone but the climate of political nepotism and violence that lead to the attack.

What do you think about his music? Was it a revolution in thinking differently? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below on Facebook.

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